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SME lending solutions

The core of our focus is providing you with finance for your formal business. We structure unique, individualised financing solutions using shareholder loans, equity, royalties and term loans – or any combination of these. We pride ourselves on having developed a range of proprietary financing models offering maximum flexibility to suit your specific needs.

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Non-financial services

Our added-value services provide an integrated solution for you, catering for all aspects of your business needs. These include consulting and mentorship services, offered through a database of highly skilled business and industry specialists, as well as property broking and management services offered through our Property Management Services Division.

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It's grow time

Latest succ​ess story:

Entrepreneurial spirit passed from mother to daughter, and taken to a new level

Looking back, Unathi Nkomo realises that she must have got her entrepreneurial spirit from her mother, although she was never really aware of it growing up.

Ever since she can remember, her mother toiled in menial jobs to raise her children on her own in one of the country’s poorest and roughest neighbourhoods, Nyanga, in Cape Town.

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